What i do

I am a Coach, Counsellor, and Psychotherapist, and I help my clients to transform their lives.

People often ask what the difference is between counselling, psychotherapy and coaching.   In essence, I am a change-worker, and all three services are a form of talking therapy, which can help you to create extraordinary results in whatever area(s) matter to you most. However, broad distinctions can be made.

Counselling and Psychotherapy

The terms counselling and psychotherapy are often used interchangeably, and describe therapeutic, psychological support. Broadly speaking, counselling is considered to be a shorter-term therapy. For example, you may seek counselling with me following divorce, bereavement, work-related issues or general depression or stress. Psychotherapy, on the other hand, tends to be more long term, and focuses on deeper and perhaps more long-standing psychological problems. These may result, for example, from trauma or abuse in childhood, or problematic experiences that are deep-rooted and have a repetitive pattern that you have experienced for a number of years.

Relationship Coaching

Traditionally, distinctions have been made between coaching and therapy, along the lines that coaching aims to achieve specific personal or professional results rather than seeking to resolve deeper underlying issues, which can cause problems in your day to day life. The latter is the aim of therapy, although there can be, and often is, an overlap. There are also more nuanced distinctions between the two but in essence, therapy can be viewed as a recovery or healing process, and coaching as the process of achieving defined goal-oriented results in a specified area of your life.

My particular passion is relationship coaching. No one needs coaching per se, but as your coach, I can help you to achieve success, beyond all expectations in your relationship or marriage. I work with couples who are disillusioned with their relationship, and looking to reignite the spark, reconnect with their partners, and turn their marriage/relationship around. I also help single women who are looking for a quality, committed relationship or marriage, but struggling with the process, to find deep, fulfilling love.


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