Relationship Coaching


A transformative 10 week Coaching Program which includes:

  • 10 x 1 hour individual coaching sessions
  • Support to help integrate insights and learning
  • Access to me in between sessions via text and email if needed
  •  A deeper understanding of yourself and your needs to skyrocket your relationship success

Here’s what you  can you expect by the end of your transformational journey with me:

  • to have a clear and powerful vision of your ideal relationship
  • to uncover and eliminate the fears, limiting beliefs, stories and hidden challenges that are sabotaging your search for a high quality partner
  •  to be deeply and clearly aligned with who you really are and what you truly desire from a relationship
  • to release distressing memories and painful emotions that are holding you back
  • to nurture yourself so well that your inner beauty and self-confidence shines through
  • to develop an enduring sense of self-worth, confidence and clarity in your life
  •  a total transformation of your current relationship paradigm to ensure that you’re only a ‘yes’ for healthy, loving and fulfilling relationships regardless of your past experience


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